INSTAP Academic Press publishes projects dealing with the subject of Aegean Prehistory. The Press is a scholarly publisher specializing in the publication of primary source material from archaeological excavations as well as individual studies dealing with material from the prehistoric periods. INSTAP Academic Press only accepts manuscripts for publication in English. Manuscripts submitted to the Press are anonymously reviewed by expert scholars in North America and Europe.

It is the Press’ policy not to publish works that include unprovenanced artifacts from the antiquities market. A manuscript should not contain anything that is in violation of any current Archaeological Institute of America resolution on acquisition or publication of archaeological artifacts (see N.J. Norman, “Editorial Policy on the Publication of Recently Acquired Antiquities,” AJA 109 [2005], pp. 135–136). The Press will not knowingly print in any of its publications the initial presentation of any object acquired after December 30, 1970, by any means other than through an officially sanctioned excavation or survey, unless the object was part of a previously existing collection or was legally exported from the country of origin.

Additionally, the Press will not re-publish a previously published work.

Production Process

Prospective authors should familiarize themselves with the Press Style Guide on manuscript and image preparation. An email of inquiry (instappress @ should be sent to the Director of Publications with a description of his/her book, including the Table of Contents and/or a short Introduction chapter, if possible. If the Press is interested in the work, ship a hard copy of the manuscript, including all images, to the Press for review. Once the reviewers’ recommendations are received, authors are notified of our publication intentions and the reviewers’ editorial recommendations for the manuscript. Authors will then have the opportunity to revise their manuscripts according to the reviewers’ recommendations and to conform it and the images to the Press Style Guide. A fresh hard copy and all digital files should then be submitted to the Press for consideration for publication.

Authors will receive a hard copy of their manuscript after copyediting has been completed. They will have the opportunity to answer queries, approve/edit suggested changes, and add any additional text and/or images.

The manuscript is then typeset in Adobe InDesign. Page proofs are proofread in-house, and the author also proofreads a hard copy. The author may have a second set of proofs for indexing, if necessary.

The book is sent to the printer who will send 2–3 sets of proofs to the Press, depending upon the difficulty of the book. The author will not receive proofs at this stage. Printing and binding usually take 6–8 weeks.

Whenever possible the Press provides all authors, editors, and contributors with gratis copies of their works. Additional review copies are sent to prominent archaeological journals in North America and Europe.