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At INSTAP Academic Press, we respect your privacy. One of our top priorities is that you feel comfortable that your privacy will be securely maintained when visiting our web site. To insure this, we have fashioned and organized our site so that you are not required to identify yourself or reveal any personal information in order to complete any business transactions. All business transactions are securely made through our distributor’s website, Oxbow Books & David Brown Book Company.

The Privacy of Manuscripts Submitted to the Press
The information you provide as a client or author of INSTAP Academic Press is confidential and under no circumstances is shared with anyone without permission and documented consent.

Will Your Information Be Secure?
INSTAP Academic Press recognizes that visitors to its web site naturally will be concerned about the security of their information, and we are committed to providing that security. We will take reasonable measures that we believe are necessary to protect your information from loss, misuse, alteration, and destruction.

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