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Alatzomouri Pefka: A Middle Minoan IIB Workshop Making Organic Dyes


Vili Apostolakou, Thomas M. Brogan, and Philip P. Betancourt

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Excavation of an important site for the early history of dyeing in Minoan Crete revealed a Middle Bronze Age natural dye workshop with several basins carved into bedrock, pottery and stone vessels, stone tools, and animal and plant remains. The evidence contributes new information on the Minoan trade in textiles during the Old Palace period.

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Excavation at Pefka. 3. Rock-Cut Basins: Form and Function. 4. Pottery. 5. Prism Seal. 6. Chipped and Ground Stone Tools. 7. Animal Remains. 8. Archaeobotanical Remains. 9. Drain Fragments. 10. Textile Tools. 11. Stone Vessels. 12. Suspension Device. 13. Organic Residue Studies. 14. Geology and Geoarchaeology. 15 Porphureion and Kalkhion and Minoan-Mycenaean Purple Dye Manufacture and Use. 16. Discussion and Conclusions.

Hardback: 334 pp., 12 tables, 107 figs, 23 plates.
(INSTAP Academic Press, 2020)

ISBN 978-1-931534-25-3

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