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House X at Kommos: A Minoan Mansion near the Sea Part 1: Architecture, Stratigraphy, and Selected Finds


Edited by Maria C. Shaw and Joseph W. Shaw
Contributions by Maria C. Shaw, Joseph W. Shaw, Deborah Ruscillo, Anne P. Chapin, and John G. Younger

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House X is by far the largest and best appointed of the Minoan houses excavated at Kommos in south-central Crete, a Minoan harbor and settlement that later became the site of a Greek sanctuary. Situated on the seacoast of the western Mesara Plain, Kommos faces west toward the Libyan Sea. House X stands on the southern edge of the Minoan town, separated by a large slab-paved road from the monumental civic buildings built and used between the Protopalatial and Postpalatial periods. The description of the stratigraphic excavation of this elite house is published with numerous architectural plans along with the cataloged small finds and tables of data on the floral and faunal materials. The excavated fresco fragments are also discussed and illustrated.

Contents: 1. The Architecture, Stratigraphy, and Diachronic Use of House X, by M.C. Shaw; 2. The Frescoes, by M.C. Shaw and A.P. Chapin; 3. The Miscellaneous Finds, by J.W. Shaw, M.C. Shaw, and J.G. Younger; 4. The Faunal Remains, by D. Ruscillo; 5. Summary and General Perspective, by M.C. Shaw; Concordance; References; Index; Tables; Figures; Plates; Color Plates.

Hardback: 324 pp., 86 tables, 56 B/W figs., 29 B/W pls., 4 color pls.
(Prehistory Monographs 35, INSTAP Academic Press, 2012)

ISBN 978-1-931534-64-2

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