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Keos XI: Wall Paintings and Social Context. The Northeast Bastion at Ayia Irini


Lyvia Morgan

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The iconography of Late Bronze Age wall paintings is presented in their social context within the Cycladic island of Kea and the wider Aegean world. Town, land, and seascapes illustrate the community of this harbor. This book is lavishly illustrated with many color drawings, visualizations, and photographs.

Contents: Prologue. Perception and Interpretation: The Process. PART I: THE PLACE. Chapter 1. Ayia Irini and the Northeast Bastion. PART IIA: MINIATURE FRIEZE. Chapter 2. Human Figures: Body and Society. Chapter 3. Vehicles: Ships and Chariot. Chapter 4. Buildings: Urban Space. Chapter 5. Animals: Hunting and Herding. Chapter 6. Landscape, Seascape, and The Sky. Chapter 7. Visualizing the Past: The Composition of the Miniature Frieze. PART IIB: PLANT PANELS. Chapter 8. Plant Panels. PART III: TECHNIQUE AND COLOR. Chapter 9. Materials, Techniques, and Pigments. Chapter 10. Color and Artistic Performance: The Process of Painting. PART IV: PAINTINGS AS CULTURAL SIGNIFIERs. Chapter 11. Intercultural Connections: The Aegean World. Chapter 12. Feasts, Festivals, and Social Context. Epilogue. Wall Paintings and Memory. Appendix A. Appendix B. Concordance A. Fragments of the Miniature Frieze by Context. Concordance B. Concordance C.

Hardback: 644 pp., 3 tables, 98 figs, 74 color plates.
(INSTAP Academic Press, 2020)

ISBN 978-1-931534-97-0

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