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Kos in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age: The Halasarna Finds and the Aegean Settlement Pattern


By Mercourios Georgiadis

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This volume is based on material from an intensive and systematic field survey of Halasarna (modern Kardamaina), located on a coastal plain in the southern part of the Dodecanesian island of Kos, and a study of settlement patterns across the Aegean. It provides a new corpus of data on the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age periods, presents a material sequence based on stylistic analysis, and develops a diachronic understanding of settlement dynamics within a wider regional context.

Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Topography of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Sites; 3. Pottery Fabrics; 4. Pottery Shapes; 5. Chronological and Cultural Significance of the Halasarna Prehistoric Pottery; 6. Chipped Stone; 7. Ground Stone; 8. Small Finds; 9. The Halasarna Chronology; 10. Catalog of Diagnostic Finds; 11. Settlement Patterns in the Pre-Neolithic and Neolithic Aegean; 12. Early Bronze Age Settlement Patterns; 13. Diachronic Developments in the Halasarna Region in Their Broader Aegean Context; References; Index; Tables; Maps; Figures; Plates.

Hardback: 328 total pp., 5 tables, 9 B/W maps, 25 B/W figs., 18 B/W pls.
(Prehistory Monographs 38, INSTAP Academic Press, 2012)

ISBN 978-1-931534-68-0

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