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Livari Skiadi: A Minoan Cemetery, Southeast Crete


By Yiannis Papadatos and Chrysa Sofianou

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This book is the first of a two-volume final report on the excavation of the Minoan cemetery and associated finds at Livari Skiadi in the southeastern end of Crete. This volume deals with the excavation of the site and its architecture, pottery, and other small finds, dating to the Prepalatial, Neopalatial, and Late Hellenistic/Early Roman periods.

Contents: Frontmatter; PART I. SITE, EXCAVATION, AND ARCHITECTURE: Chapter 1. The Site; Chapter 2. Excavation and Stratigraphy; Chapter 3. Architecture; PART II. POTTERY: Chapter 4. Prepalatial Pottery: Typological Analysis; Chapter 5. Prepalatial Pottery: Petrographic Analysis; Chapter 6. Prepalatial Pottery: Discussion and Interpretation; Chapter 7. Neopalatial Pottery; Chapter 8. Late Hellenistic/Early Roman Pottery; PART III. SMALL FINDS: Chapter 9. Metalwork; Chapter 10. Stone Vases; Chapter 11. Jewelry; Chapter 12. Seals; Chapter 13. Miscellaneous Finds; Chapter 14. Chipped Stone; PART IV. APPENDICES AND CONCORDANCES: Appendix A. Analysis of Prepalatial Pottery with Scanning Electron Microscopy; Appendix B. Analysis of Metallic and Faience Artifacts with Portable X-Ray Flourescence Spectroscopy; Concordance A. Siteia Museum, Excavation, and Catalog Numbers; Concordance B. Pottery Groups and Contexts; References; Index; Tables; Figures; Plates.

Hardback: 322 pp., 63 tables, 55 b/w figures, 43 plates, including 5 color plates.
(Prehistory Monographs 50, INSTAP Academic Press, 2015)

ISBN 978-1-931534-81-9

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