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Mochlos IIB: Period IV. The Mycenaean Settlement and Cemetery: The Pottery


By R. Angus K. Smith
Contributions by Eleni Banou and Eleni Nodarou
With Thomas M. Brogan, Douglas Faulmann, Ann M. Nicgorski, and Jeffrey S. Soles
Edited by Jeffrey S. Soles and Costis Davaras

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Excavations carried out at two Late Minoan III sites at Mochlos in eastern Crete yielded a pottery assemblage from 31 tombs and 11 houses, which are cataloged, discussed, and illustrated together with petrographic analyses. The cemetery remains mirror the settlement remains, and the conclusions discuss how the two sites reflect each other. Rarely in Crete are a settlement and its cemetery both preserved, and it is extremely fortunate to be able to document both in a series of scientific excavation reports (Mochlos vols. IIA–IIC).

Contents: 1. Petrographic Analysis of the Late Minoan III Ceramics; 2. The Late Minoan II–III Pottery; 3. Conclusions: The Decoration, Character, and Relative Chronology of the Late Minoan II–III Pottery; App. A. Petrographic Descriptions; App. B. Earlier Minoan and Later Orientalizing Pottery from Late Minoan III Contexts; Bibliography; Conc. A; Conc. B; Index; Tables; Figures; Plates.

Hardback: 380 pp., 40 tbs, 93 b/w figs, 35 b/w pls.
(Prehistory Monographs 27, INSTAP Academic Press, 2010)

ISBN-10: 1-931534-54-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-931534-54-3

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