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Monastiraki Katalimata: Excavation of a Cretan Refuge Site, 1993–2000


By Krzysztof Nowicki

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At first sight, the cliffside site of Katalimata looks like an extreme refuge place where one might expect small groups of people hiding for a brief time during the most serious period of threat. Excavation of the largest of the terraces, however, has shown that use of the place was often long-lasting and more complex. The most interesting result of the project was the identification at Katalimata of almost all the same phases known from elsewhere in Crete as periods of disturbances, relocations, and destructions. This monograph provides a detailed discussion of the six occupational phases recorded on the largest of Monastiraki Katalimata’s terraces and offers a reconstruction of the site’s role in the context of Cretan history.

Contents: 1. Introduction, 2. Topography of the Site, 3. Excavation of Terrace C, 4. History of Terrace C, 5. Monastiraki Katalimata and Cretan History, 6. Catalog of Pottery, 7. Catalog of Pottery Groups, 8. Catalog of Small Finds, References, Concordance A, Concordance B, Index, Figures, Plates.

Hardback: 328 pp., 1 table, 91 b/w figs, 39 b/w pls.
(Prehistory Monographs 24, INSTAP Academic Press, 2008)

ISBN 10: 1-931534-24-1
ISBN 13: 978-1-931534-24-6

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