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Moni Odigitria:
A Prepalatial Cemetery and Its Environs in
the Asterousia,
Southern Crete


By Andonis Vasilakis and Keith Branigan
Contributions by Tim Campbell-Green, Tristan Carter, Doniert Evely, Jane Francis, Flora Michelaki, Kostas Sbonias, and Sevi Triantaphyllou

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This volume presents the final report on the excavation of two Prepalatial tholos tombs and their associated remains at Chatzinas Liophyto near the Moni Odigitria (monastery) in south-central Crete. The grave goods and burial remains include pottery, metal objects, chipped stones, stone vases, gold and stone jewelry, sealstones, and human skeletal material. The results of the associated survey of the upper catchment of the Hagiopharango region are also reported. The book finishes with a reappraisal of our understanding of the early settlement of the Hagiopharango and a Greek summary.

Contents: PART I: Survey and Excavation. 1. Survey of the Environs around the Tholos Cemetery, Keith Branigan and Andonis Vasilakis; Appendix: The Roman Pottery, Jane Francis. 2. Excavation and Architecture of the Cemetery, Andonis Vasilakis. PART II: Pottery. 3. The Pottery Assemblage: Data and Analysis, Keith Branigan and Tim Campbell-Green. 4. Interpretation of the Pottery Assemblage, Keith Branigan and Tim Campbell-Green. PART III: Small Finds. 5. Metalwork, Keith Branigan. 6. Of Blades and Burials, Flakes and Funerals: The Chipped Stone from Moni Odigitria, Tristan Carter. 7. Stone Vases and Tools, Doniert Evely. 8. Jewelry and Other Small Finds, Flora Michelaki and Andonis Vasilakis. 9. Seals from the Cemetery of Moni Odigitria, Kostas Sbonias. PART IV: Human Remains. 10. Analysis of the Human Bones, Sevi Triantaphyllou. PART V: Discussion and Conclusions. 11. The History and Use of the Cemetery, Keith Branigan. 12. The Hagiopharango in the Early Bronze Age—An Overview, Keith Branigan and Andonis Vasilakis. 13. Greek Summary, by Andonis Vasilakis. Concordance A: Omades, Trenches, Areas, and Strata from the 1980 Excavation of Tholos B. Concordance B: Herakleion Museum Numbers and Catalog Numbers for All Types of Objects. Concordance C: Catalog and Herakleion Museum Numbers for All Types of Objects. References. Index. Tables. Figures. Plates.

Hardback: 608 pp., 117 tbls, 137 b/w figs., 70 b/w pls.
(Prehistory Monographs 30, INSTAP Academic Press, 2010)

ISBN 10: 1-931534-58-6
ISBN 13: 978-1-931534-58-1

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