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Pseira IX: The Pseira Island Survey. Part 2: The Intensive Surface Survey


Edited by Philip P. Betancourt, Costis Davaras, and Richard Hope Simpson

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Richard B. Seager excavated the Minoan town and cemetery at Pseira in 1906–1907, but the work was not fully published. The Temple University excavations (1985–1994) under the direction of Philip P. Betancourt and Costis Davaras conducted an intensive surface survey of the island. The results of the survey on the small island off the northeast coast of Crete are published in two volumes. Pseira VIII presents the results from the corollary studies that accompany the surface survey. Pseira IX presents the results from the intensive surface survey.

Contents: PART I. METHODOLOGY AND DATA. 1. Methodology for the Archaeological Survey (Philip P. Betancourt and Richard Hope Simpson); 2. The Site Data and Pottery (Richard Hope Simpson and Philip P. Betancourt with contributions from Heidi M.C. Dierckx, Natalia Poulou-Papadimitriou, and David S. Reese); PART II. STUDIES AND DISCUSSIONS. 3. Introduction to the Individual Studies (Philip P. Betancourt, Costis Davaras, and Richard Hope Simpson); 4. The Two Agricultural Terraces Chosen for Excavation (Richard Hope Simpson, Paul Goldberg, and Julie Ann Clark); 5. The Two Dams (Richard Hope Simpson); 6. The Two Byzantine Farms (Richard Hope Simpson and George W.M. Harrison); 7. The Cove of Megali Ammos (Senta German, Philip P. Betancourt, Richard Hope Simpson, and Natalia Poulou-Papadimitriou); 8. Discussion and Conclusions (Philip P. Betancourt).

Hardback: 456 pp., 43 b/w illus, 46 b/w figs, 44 b/w pls.
(Prehistory Monographs 12, INSTAP Academic Press, 2005)

ISBN-10: 1-931534-11-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-931534-11-6

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