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Studies in Aegean Art and Culture. A New York Aegean Bronze Age Colloquium in Memory of Ellen N. Davis


By Robert B. Koehl

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The papers published here are dedicated to the memory of Ellen N. Davis, one of the most valued and beloved Aegean scholars of her generation. All of the articles are in some way inspired or influenced by Davis’ own contributions to the field. In the area of metalwork, several papers investigate interconnections within and around the Aegean during the Early, Middle, and Late Bronze Ages (Betancourt, Ferrence, and Muhly, Weingarten, Kopcke), while others examine metal ware in its social context (Wiener). Papers on wall painting range from studies of pigments and optical illusions (Vlachopoulos), to representations of water (Shank). Anthropomorphic representations, or their absence, of goddesses or priestesses (Jones), rulers (Palaima), or initiates (Koehl) are also studied here with new eyes and fresh insights.

Contents: 1. The Silver Kantharos from Gournia Revisited; 2. Helladic Pairs of Cups; 3. For Ellen Davis: Transylvanian Gold?; 4. Cycladic and More Northerly Connections in the Metal Objects from Petras Cemetery; 5. The Human Condition as Reflected in Early Aegean Art; 6. Purple Rosettes/Πορφυροί ρόδακες: New Data on Polychromy and Perception in the Thera Wall Paintings; 7. Depictions of Water in Aegean Miniature-Style Wall Paintings; 8. The Three Minoan “Snake Goddesses”; 9. Beyond the “Chieftain Cup”: More Images Relating to Minoan Male “Rites of Passage”; 10. The Ideology of the Ruler in Mycenaean Prehistory: Twenty Years after the Missing Ruler.

Paperback: 178 pp., 66 figs. in the text
(INSTAP Academic Press, 2016)

ISBN 978-1-931534-86-4

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