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The Galatas Survey:
Socio-Economic and
Political Development
of a Contested Territory
in Central Crete
during the Neolithic
to Ottoman Periods


By L. Vance Watrous, D. Matthew Buell, Eleni Kokinou, Pantelis Soupios, Apostolos Sarris, Sabine Beckmann, Georgos Rethemiotakis, Lee Ann Turner, Scott Gallimore, and Mark D. Hammond
Contributions by Kapua Iao, Amy Heimroth, and Brice Erickson

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This book traces the socioeconomic and political development of the Galatas area and its relations with other areas of Crete during the Neolithic–Ottoman periods. Two powerful rival centers in Crete, Knossos/Herakleion and Kastelli/Lyttos, brought the Galatas area under their control at various times in history. The changes in local socioeconomic and political conditions are documented as Galatas came under the direct control of states elsewhere in Crete and overseas.

Contents: PART I. The Galatas Project and Its Natural Environment. 1. Field Survey, by L. Vance Watrous; 2. Survey Area, by L. Vance Watrous; 3. Geological Implications of the Broader Galatas Region, by Eleni Kokinou, Pantelis Soupios, and Apostolos Sarris; 4. Pre-Industrial Life in the Galatas Area, by Sabine Beckmann. PART II. Prehistoric Settlement and Society; 5. First Settlers, by D. Matthew Buell; 6. Prepalatial Growth in Social Complexity, by D. Matthew Buell; 7. Emergence of a Stratified Society, by L. Vance Watrous; 8. The Excavation of the Minoan Palace and Town of Galatas, by Georgos Rethemiotakis; 9. Building a Minoan State at Neopalatial Galatas, by D. Matthew Buell; 10. Collapse and Retraction, by D. Matthew Buell and Lee Ann Turner. PART III. Historical Settlement and Society. 11. Population Reduction and a Polis, by Lee Ann Turner; 12. Population Retraction during the Hellenistic Period, by Scott Gallimore; 13. Abandonment and Assimilation in the Roman Period, by Scott Gallimore; 14. An Imperial Territory, by Mark D. Hammond. PART IV. Conclusion. 15. Final Perspectives, by L. Vance Watrous; PART V. Appendices. Appendix A. Register of Sites, by Kapua Iao; Appendix B. Prehistoric Pottery, by L. Vance Watrous and Amy Heimroth; Appendix C. Ground and Chipped Stone Artifacts, by D. Matthew Buell; Appendix D. A Neolithic Pendant, by Sabine Beckmann; Appendix E. A Neopalatial Sealing, by Sabine Beckmann; Appendix F. Protogeometric to Hellenistic Pottery, by Brice Erickson; Appendix G. Early to Late Roman Pottery, by Scott Gallimore; Appendix H. Byzantine to Ottoman Pottery, by Mark D. Hammond; Appendix I. A New History of Pottery Production in Thrapsano, by Mark D. Hammond; References; Index; Tables; Figures; and Plates.

Hardback: 464 pp., 20 tables, 37 B/W figs, 69 B/W pls.
(Prehistory Monographs 55, INSTAP Academic Press, 2017)

ISBN 978-1-931534-89-5

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