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The Alatzomouri Rock Shelter: An Early Minoan III Deposit in Eastern Crete


Edited by Vili Apostolakou, Thomas M. Brogan, and Philip P. Betancourt
Contributions by Vili Apostolakou, Philip P. Betancourt, Thomas M. Brogan, Joanne E. Cutler, Heidi M.C. Dierckx, Susan C. Ferrence,
Floyd W. McCoy, Evi Margaritis, Dimitra Mylona, and Eleni Nodarou

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This handsome volume describes and illustrates the excavation of an artificial rock shelter in Crete, Greece. Minoan pottery and small finds such as stone tools, loomweights, and ecofactual remains were recovered. The ceramics elucidate the style and chronology of East Cretan White-on-Dark Ware, which dates to the end of the Early Bronze Age.

Contents: Frontmatter; THE EVIDENCE: 1. Introduction, Vili Apostolakou, Thomas M. Brogan, and Philip P. Betancourt; 2. Geology and Geoarchaeology, Floyd W. McCoy; 3. Excavation and Stratigraphy, Thomas M. Brogan; 4. Pottery, Philip P. Betancourt and Thomas M. Brogan; 5. Chipped and Ground Stone Tools, Heidi M.C. Dierckx; 6. Textile Tools, Thomas M. Brogan and Joanne E. Cutler; 7. Marine Animals, Dimitra Mylona; 8. Archaeobotanical Remains, Evi Margaritis; 9. Miscellaneous Objects, Thomas M. Brogan and Philip P. Betancourt; 10. Pottery Statistics, Philip P. Betancourt, Thomas M. Brogan, and Susan C. Ferrence; 11. Ceramic Petrography, Eleni Nodarou; DISCUSSION: 12. Evidence for Chronology, Philip P. Betancourt, Thomas M. Brogan, and Vili Apostolakou; 13. Interpretation of the Rock Shelter, Vili Apostolakou, Thomas M. Brogan, Susan C. Ferrence, and Philip P. Betancourt; References; Concordance A. Hagios Nikolaos Museum Numbers and Catalog Numbers; Concordance B. Field and Catalog Numbers; Index; Figures; Plates.

Hardback: 274 pp., 71 B/W figs, 49 pls, including 9 color pls.
(Prehistory Monograph 58, INSTAP Academic Press, 2017)

ISBN 978-1-931534-93-2

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