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An Archaeological Palimpsest in Minoan Crete: Tholos Tomb A and Habitation at Apesokari Mesara


Georgia Flouda 

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This publication presents the archaeological evidence from two associated Minoan sites situated at Apesokari in the Mesara Plain of South-Central Crete, Tholos Tomb A and the neighboring free-standing domestic complex on Vigla Hill. It thoroughly reconstructs the natural and social landscape of this Cretan community from the late Prepalatial to the early Neopalatial periods through its interdisciplinary character; this includes photogrammetric two- and three-dimensional models of the architectural remains, viewshed analysis of both monuments and of the earlier Tholos Tomb B, as well as A-DNA and stable isotope analysis of the bones. The study of the burial dataset provides insights into the social construction of collective memory and identity by the burying social group, whereas the habitational deposits from the building on Vigla hill establish the longevity and function of the site as a node of the southern Mesara communication and exchange networks.

Hardback: 440 pp., 27 tables, 95 figures, 62 plates.
(Prehistory Monographs 70, INSTAP Academic Press, 2023)

ISBN 978-1-931534-35-2

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