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Mochlos IVA. Period III. The House of the Metal Merchant and Other Buildings in the Neopalatial Town


Two-volume set of text and figures and plates

Jeffrey S. Soles 

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This excavation of a Late Bronze Age town on the island of Mochlos in northeastern Crete includes the House of the Metal Merchant (with two large bronze hoards) and 13 other structures. Each building is described with its stratigraphy, architecture, small finds, ecofactual materials, function, and room use. This is a two volume set. Volume 1 contains the text and Volume 2 contains the Concordance, Tables, Figures, and Plates.

Contents: Volume 1: Frontmatter. Introduction. History and Plan of the Neopalatial Town. 1. House C.3: The House of the Metal Merchant. 2. House of the Theran Refugee and other buildings in the Neopalatial Town. 3. Metal Objects, Materials, and Sources. 4. Seals and Clay Sealing. 5. Small Finds of Bone, Ceramic, Shell, and Stone. 6. Textile Production. 7. Obsidian Consumption. 8. Ground Stone Implements. 9. The Plasters. 10. Animal Remains: Exploring Human-Animal Relations. 11. Microvertebrate Fauna. 12. Palaeobotany: Cultivation and Agricultural Practices. 13. Wood Charcoal. 14. Everyday Life in a Prosperous Minoan Town, ca. 1700–1430 b.c. References. Index. Volume 2: Frontmatter. Concordance. Tables. Figures. Plates.

Hardback: 568 pp. of text Vol. 1, 420 pp. of backmatter Vol. 2, 185 figs., 118 pls., 89 tables.
(Prehistory Monographs 68, INSTAP Academic Press, 2022)

ISBN 978-1-931534-33-8

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