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The Shrine of Eileithyia Minoan Goddess of Childbirth and Motherhood at the Inatos Cave in Southern Crete Volume I The Egyptian-Type Artifacts


Günther Hölbl 

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This volume is a catalog of the ancient Egyptian imports and Egyptianizing artifacts found in 1962 during the excavation of a cave near Tsoutsouros (ancient Inatos), Crete, Greece. The cave was a sanctuary dedicated to the Minoan and Greek goddess Eileithyia. The Aegyptiaca of the Minoan and Mycenaean eras on Crete signify the political and economic relations between the Aegean rulers and the Egyptian royal court. Several of the objects are Egyptian scarabs, and they certainly represent official Egyptian-Cretan affairs, especially those dating from the reign of Amenophis III to the end of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Much of the cataloged objects come from the 10th to 7th centuries B.C., and they are appropriate for venerating the goddess of childbirth and motherhood. The statuettes, seals, and vessels are lavishly illustrated with plates of color photographs.

Contents: Frontmatter. 1. Introduction. 2. Summary of Other Archaeological Work near Inatos. 3. Introduction to the Aegyptiaca from the Inatos Cavel. 4. Statuettes in Steatite and Ivory. 5. Statuettes of Faience. 6. Seal Amulets. 7. Spindle Whorl. 8. Vessels and Vessel Fragments. 9. Summary of the Aegyptiaca from Inatos. References. Indices. Plates

Hardback: 156 pp., 15 figures, 26 plates, 3 tables.
(INSTAP Academic Press, 2022)

ISBN 978-1-931534-34-5

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