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Bramiana: Salvaging Information from a Destroyed Minoan Settlement in Southeast Crete


Edited by Vili Apostolakou, Philip P. Betancourt, and Thomas M. Brogan 

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The Minoan site at Bramiana in southeastern Crete provides evidence for a Bronze Age economy based on trade, agriculture, and craftwork. This publication uses a new system of organizing the pottery by petrography—sorting it by materials and workshop practices—revealing a trade network of cooking pots and other clay vessels and their contents.

Contents: Frontmatter. 1. Introduction and Methodology. 2. Petrographic Analysis of the Pottery from Bramiana. 3. Coarse Cretan South Coast Fabrics. 4. Fine Cretan South Coast Fabrics 1. 5. Fine Cretan South Coast Fabrics 2: With Pellets. 6. Fine Cretan South Coast Fabrics 3: In-and-Out Bowls. 7. Granitic-Dioritic (Mirabello) Fabrics. 8. Metamorphic Fabrics. 9. Metamorphic Fabric from Palaikastro. 10. Ritual Vessels. 11. Calcite-Tempered Fabrics. 12. Uncommon Fabric Groups. 13. Ground Stone Implements. 14. Vitrified Clay Fragments. 15. Building Materials. 16. Other Finds. 17. Conclusions on the Clay Vessels and Their Fabrics. 18. Trade at Bramiana. 19. Reconstructing the History of Bramiana. 20. Before and After: Reconstructing the Bramiana Landscape through Historical Aerial Imagery. 21. Final Comments. References. Concordance. Index. Figures. Plates.

Hardback: 216 pp., 33 illustrations in text, 19 figures, 9 plates.
(Prehistory Monographs 66, INSTAP Academic Press, 2021)

ISBN 978-1-931534-30-7

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