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The Minoan Shipwreck at Pseira, Crete


Elpida Hadjidaki-Marder

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The excavation of a Minoan shipwreck dated to 1725/1700 BC is described. The cargo includes the largest known corpus of complete and almost complete clay vessels from a single Middle Minoan IIB deposit. The transport boat provides interesting information on a society that revolved around seafaring.

Contents: 1. Introduction, by Elpida Hadjidaki-Marder. 2. Discovery of the Shipwreck, by Elpida Hadjidaki-Marder. 3. Excavations, by Elpida Hadjidaki-Marder. 4. Pottery from the Shipwreck and along the Coast, by Philip P. Betancourt. 5. Petrographic Analysis of the Pottery from the Shipwreck, by Eleni Nodarou. 6. Ceramic and Lead Weights from the Shipwreck and along the Coast, by Joanne E. Cutler,† Thomas M. Brogan, and Todd Whitelaw. 7. Ground Stone Implements from the Shipwreck, by Heidi M.C. Dierckx. 8. Conclusions, by Elpida Hadjidaki-Marder. References. Concordance of Excavation and Catalog Numbers. Index. Figures. Plates

Hardback: 164 pp., 15 illustrations in text, 27 figures, 34 plates.
(Prehistory Monographs 65, INSTAP Academic Press, 2021)

ISBN 978-1-931534-29-1

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