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Krinoi kai Limenes: Studies in Honor of Joseph and Maria Shaw


Edited by Philip P. Betancourt, Michael C. Nelson, and Hector Williams

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Joseph and Maria Shaw received the Archaeological Institute of America’s Gold Medal for a lifetime of outstanding achievement in January of 2006. This volume is a collection of the papers presented at the Gold Medal Colloquium held in their honor during the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in Montreal, Quebec. Additional articles have also been written for this volume. Many of the articles pertain to different aspects of Aegean Bronze Age architecture, harbors, frescoes, and trade, which are all keen interests of the Shaws.

Contents: ARCHITECTURE: 1. Minoan Archaeology and the Quest for the Primitive Hut (John C. McEnroe); 2. The Roofing of Early Minoan Round Tombs: The Evidence of Lebena Tomb II (Gerokampos) and of Cretan Mitata (Peter Warren); 3. Minoan and Mycenaean Stone Revetment (Michael C. Nelson); 4. New Data on the Western Facade of the Phaistian Palace (Vincenzo La Rosa); 5. The Cosmopolitan Harbor Town of Ugarit and the Aegean Aspects of Its Architecture (Clairy Palyvou); 6. The Central Court of the Palace of Petras (Metaxia Tsipopoulou); 7. Building Megara for Dummies: The Conception and Construction of Architectural Forms at Late Minoan IIIC Chalasmenos (Monasteraki, Ierapetra, Crete) (David Rupp); 8. A Chorotaxia at the Late Minoan III Cemetery of Armenoi (Yannis Tzedakis and Holley Martlew); 9. Richard Seager in 1902–1903 (D.J. Ian Begg). HARBORS: 10. Akrotiri, Thera: Some Additional Notes on its Plan and Architecture (Christos G. Doumas); 11. A New Exploration of Priniatikos Pyrgos, Primary Harbor Settlement and Emporium of the Vrokastro Survey Region (Barbara J. Hayden, Yannis Bassiakos, Thanasis Kalpaxis, Apostolos Sarris, and Metaxia Tsipopoulou); 12. Harbors and Social Change in Ancient Crete (L. Vance Watrous); 13. The Harbors of Ancient Lesbos (Hector Williams). FRESCOES: 14. Paintings, Harbors, and Intercultural Relations (Lyvia Morgan); 15. Disiecta Membra: The Wall Paintings from the Porter’s Lodge at Akrotiri (Andreas Vlachopoulos); 16. A Man’s World? Gender and Male Coalitions in the West House Miniature Frescoes (Anne P. Chapin); 17. Brush Work (Ellen Davis); 18. A Reconsideration of the Kneeling Figure Fresco from Hagia Triada (Bernice Jones); 19. Throne Room Griffins from Pylos and Knossos (Elizabeth Shank). TRADE: 20. Hippopotamus Ivory in EM–MM Lasithi and the Implications for Eastern Mediterranean Trade: New Evidence from Hagios Charalambos (Susan C. Ferrence); 21. The Harbor of Kommos and Its East Mediterranean Connections in the Protopalatial Period (Aleydis Van de Moortel); 22. An Orientalizing Type of Minoan Rhyton from House X at Kommos (Jeremy B. Rutter); 23. Marketing Mycenaean Pottery in the Levant (Mary Dabney); 24. What Aegean Simple Style Pottery Reveals about Interconnections in the 13th Century B.C.E. Eastern Mediterranean (Robert B. Koehl and Joseph Yellin). ADMINISTRATION AND REGIONALISM: 25. Lasithi and the Malia-Lasithi State (Philip P. Betancourt); 26. Minoanization at Miletus: The Middle Bronze Age Ceramics (Amy Raymond); 27. Neopalatial Knossos: Rule and Role (Malcolm H. Wiener); 28. Evidence for Ceramic Regionalism in Early Final Palatial Crete: New Perspectives (Jan Arvanitakis); 29. Saevus Tridens (Jeffrey Soles). CULTURE AND RELIGION: 30. Color and Brilliance: Obsidian, Chert, and Quartz in Sphakia, Crete (Lucia Nixon); 31. Modeling Domesticity (James C. Wright); 32. The Lily Crown and Sacred Kingship in Minoan Crete (Nanno Marinatos); 33. The Neopalatial Chalice: Forms and Function in the Cave of Skoteino (Loeta Tyree, Athanasia Kanta, and Dimitris Sphakianakis); 34. A Unique Cult Scene (Birgita Hallager); 35. Faunal Remains from the Sacred Spring (Corinth) (David S. Reese).

Hardback: 372 pp., 4 tbs, 184 b/w figs, 20 col pls.
(Prehistory Monographs 22, INSTAP Academic Press, 2007)

ISBN-10: 1-931534-22-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-931534-22-2

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