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The Wall Paintings of the West House at Mycenae


By Iphiyenia Tournavitou

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The wall paintings from the West House at Mycenae are discussed in relation to their context within the building. Their iconography and stylistic details are explored in relation to other Aegean Bronze Age wall paintings. The fragments are fully cataloged and illustrated with drawings and photos.

Contents: Frontmatter; Chapter 1. Architectural Context and Chronology; Chapter 2. State of Preservation, Conservation, and Drawn Restorations; Chapter 3. The Wall Paintings; Chapter 4. Techniques of Painting and Construction; Chapter 5. Conclusions; Chapter 6. Catalog; Appendix A. A Technological Investigation of the Painting Materials, by Hariclia Brecoulaki, Sophia Sotiropoulou, Vassilis Perdikatsis, Anna Lluveras-Tenorio, Ilaria Bonaduce, and Maria Perla Colombini; Appendix B. Hellenistic Composition; References; Index; Figures; Plates

Hardback: 296 total pp., 39 B/W figures, 37 B/W plates, 2 color plates
(Prehistory Monograph 54, INSTAP Academic Press, 2017)

ISBN 978-1-931534-88-8

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